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About Book-A-Prize

What is Book A Prize?
Book A Prize is an online community where kids and parents join together and learn to love and appreciate books.

For kids:
  • Read your favorite books and win prizes and awards.
    The more you read, the more prizes you get!
  • Look for books by genre, age and author.
  • See what other kids say about the books.
  • Write your own reviews about the books you have read.
For parents:
  • Watch as your kids learn to love reading books!
  • Get email alerts when your kids start a book, finish a book, or if they stop reading without finishing it.
  • Get suggestions for questions and answers you can ask about each book, so you can be a part of the reading process.
  • Get reports about your child's progress: what books they've read, how many books, how many pages etc.
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