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Bad Girls


Jacqueline Wilson

Mandy White hates looking 8 years old when she's really 10. She's tired of her babyish blond braids, her bunny sweaters, and her fussy older mother who won't let her cut her hair or buy cool clothes. But most of all, Mandy's had it with being her same old boring self. "I just wanted to stop being me. I wanted to grow up a whole new person, not Mandy White." To make matters worse, Mandy is constantly reminded of her shortcomings by beautiful, raven-haired Kim, the school bully. "Girls like Kim never wear glasses or braces.... They never have a silly haircut. They never wear stupid baby clothes.... You can't tease girls like Kim. There's nothing to tease her about." Then Mandy meets Tanya, the wild foster kid from next door. Tanya is 14, dyes her hair bright orange, wears "great clacky high heels" with every outfit, and fears nothing. With Tanya at her side, Mandy feels like she could face an army of Kims. But will Mandy ever learn how to get in touch with her own inner "bad girl" so she
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