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Never Trust a Troll!


Kate McMullan

From the series Dragon Slayers' Academy #18
After spending the summer at spooky Camp Dragononka, Wiglaf and his pals are back at DSA. They’re no longer the youngest lads and lasses—now they’re in Class II, and they are expected to show new students the ropes. Wiglaf not only has to put up with his wild and crazy little brother Dudwin, but also with his Class I "Little Buddy," who turns out to be a not-so-little troll! Wiglaf wants to be a good "Big Buddy," but it’s not easy when the troll is always playing jokes on him. And what about the fire-breathing dragon that the troll swears is in the woods outside DSA? Is it really there? Or is this just another one of the troll’s great big fibs?
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